The regular interaction with the clients evidenced that, the institutions built by the poor are not in terms of their will and intent but remained for want of technical support and access to financial resources.

It is this realisation which leads to the setting up a vertical for providing credit to such institutions which generally act as producer collectives in different part of agri value chain including financial intermediation.

Considering the importance and overall requirement of the sector to promote and develop institutions of the poor, the company established a separate vertical focusing only on financing Second level institution (SLIs). SLIs are generally registered entities with members of first level intuitions as shareholders which primarily deals with business activities of primary produce/ products and works for the benefit of its members.

The main objective of NABFINS is to provide timely and adequate credit to these intuitions who are engaged in aggregation, value addition and support services related to rural producers/ Products.

Borrower Category Interest rate (%) Processing fees GST
Institutions (Not Graded) 14.00% & above 1% of sanctioned amount 18.00% of processing fee
Institutions (Graded) 11.50% & above

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