District: Kolar                                          State: Karnataka

Smt. Kavya, who has done her M.Sc. In computer science, was working as a ‘computer science’ lecturer. After her marriage to shri Mahesh and birth of her son, she took a bold decision to leave her job and look after her son, who was quite ill and required continuous attention. Presently, the son is keeping good health. As a home-maker, she found it less challenging to sit at home. But, the circumstances did not deter her from thinking positively and progressively. She was always thinking of doing something to support her family.
This thinking, finally, led her to start a saree business, on a small scale, at home itself. As she gradually developed the business acumen and learnt the nitty-gritty of business, she could not stop doing the saree business only and she started to think of developing her business, by opening a small shop.

At this stage she came to know about the SHG concept and formed a group of 15 women members and educated the members about the SHG concept and named it as “Shubha Mahila Swa Sahaya Sangha”. Under her able guidance, the group has built a corpus of Rs.1.5Lakh.
Starting with an initial borrowing of Rs.2 Lakh, the group has availed further Rs.8 Lakh from NABFINS in their 3rd Linkage. With the timely financial support from NABFINS, she was able to give wings to her business developmental plans and shortly opened a small rented shop for ladies wear, named ”K.M. Fashions”. As time progressed, she also started a fancy store named “K.M. Fancy Stores” and later on, a “K.M. Beauty Parlour”. Presently, all the three units are in one building, on the main road, and doing good business.

How it benefited:
Apart from her own development, she takes an active interest in the economic development of her group members and has trained 2-3 girls in beauty care and is providing employment to 3 girls. She exudes high self-confidence, while expressing her gratitude to NABFINS for its role in the self-development and empowerment of women.

Documented By – Team Kolar, NABFINS

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