Place: YN Hosokote                                                  District: Tumkuru                                          State: Karnataka

Small Savings for Big Dreams In YN Hosokote, o small vilbge in the southern state of Karnataka, o number of women from backward castes (– and low literacy levels were having o tough time meeting household expenditures with the limited , income of their husbands. Finding it difficult to meet ir unexpected expenditures and their children’s education expenditures, many o time these women hod to approach moneylenders, who charged exorbitant interest rates.

This was the situation until on NCO. Institute for Youth and Development (IVO), o Business & Develcpment Correspondent of NABFINS. showed them the way cut – formation of women’s selihelp groups (SHG4 and regulady saving small °mounts. Once convinced of the role an SHG can ploy in ameliorating their ccnditicn, many wcmen come together to brm self-help groups of 10.15 members and began saving regulady. They even cpened accounts with banks such os DCC and Vivedib S Scciety and started depositing the savings collected from members on a regular basis. One suds group was Shri Bosovonondo SHG, which saved Z15,000 within o year of formation and started circulating mcney omcng members in the form of o Icon.


The internal lending not only helped members cater to their consumption needs, but also helped them in improving their silk weaving occupotion. Despite being helpful, intend lending was not enough for members to improve their occupation considerobly. This was the time when NABRNS entered their lives and offered them a loan of Z500.000. Having received the loon on 12th May 2011, the group utilized the amount to purchase equipment for silk weaving and meeting working capital requirements.

How it benefited:
The loon assistance resulted in improving the family inccrne considerably – o monthly income of Z5.000 to ‘.8,000. The wcmen members of the SHG no nore have to depend on their husbands to meet household expenditure and they have becomes economically independent.

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