Place: Mukhediya                                              District: Neemuch                                          State: Madhya Pradesh

Ghisi Bai and Azad Bai are the members of Ramdev SHG which was formed in way back 2014.Through the SHG network both the members has learned and planned to start their own small enterprise of paper Plate making. Their dream comes true when NABFINS facilitated credit linkage to the group.
Paper plate making is the business with a minimum Investment with maximum benefit. It requires less space and easy to be operated from home which gives women SHG member an upper hand to manage both business and home at a time.

How it benefited:
They Purchased the machine for the paper plate making jointly at a cost of Rs. 60000 in which NABFINS Provided Rs.40,000 (Rs.20,000/each member and remaining they arranged themselves . They are getting raw material from a local vendor at a Cost of Rs.35/kg and selling the end product at Rs.70/kg to the same vendor. By this they are earning Rs.300-400/day and in the peak season it goes up to Rs.500 -600/day. Both of them feel the major benefit associated with SHG membership is the strength that the women have as a group. They can achieve much more as a group than as they can as individuals.

Documented By Pratap Singh Khangarot (District -In charge Neemuch MP)

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