We are an NGO with a vision of bringing awareness among women on financial literacy, health, education and developing skills of unemployed youth and as part of our programs credit linkage to our SHG is considered very important and as such we approached NABFINS through NABARD DDM.
Today, we are proud to be recognized as the first B&DC of NABFINS and our SHG named Sri Sakthi Mahalir Sangam at Munieswar Nagar, Hosur the first SHG to be disbursed on 26th of January 2010. The SHG now has happily come for a third linkage of Z10 lakhs. We have become partners of NABFINS because of the unique vision this organization has in the MFI industry, its transparency and door step services. Our organization has worked with different banks earlier and we were B&DC of HDFC bank too. Our experience is that banks do not cater to the SHGs at right time and right amount, which NABFINS is able to do with its field officer and District Manager showing a lot of patience in understanding the needs of every SHG who request for credit linkage in a professional manner. Today many of our SHG members are able to convey happily how timely credit has brought down their family borrowing from money lenders. And we are clearly able to see our SHG women’s life improving by using this credit for education, housing, small scale business, agriculture and other activity We consider NABIFNS as one of a very client friendly organization ever we have worked with.
B&DC – Community Development Society (CDS) – Krishnagiri

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