Place: Mandideep                                              District: Raisen                                         State: Madhya Pradesh

Sandhya Sharma of UMA SHG started a small provision store in her house from a small loan supported by NGO Mahila Chetna Manch and now she has a big store with good investment and better returns. She says all credit goes to Mahila Chetna Manch and NABFINS for hand holding and credit support whenever required. All the members of UMA SHG started small business like Tiffin center, Papad making, beauty parlor, chalk making etc. inspired by this small example set by Sandhya.

According to Sandhya “NABFINS doesn’t focus only on profit making from their credit support, they concentrate on overall development of SHG. Their reasonable rate of interest, loan size according to need and most importantly their pattern of lending make it different from others.
Pattern of lending depends on group saving, through which habit of saving was inculcated to us, now each member of SHG save Rs 500/M and we have more than 2 lakhs as group saving which make us financially independent, Loan size is available according to our saving and need with a reasonable time period of repayment.

How it benefited:
Sandhya: “This is third time when our SHG applied for credit support from NABFINS for Rs.5 Lakh, earlier we applied for Rs 1.5lakh and Rs 3 lakh. Initially credit support from NABFINS helped in starting our business, “We got a chance to change our dream in to reality”. Now from the support of 5 lakh we will invest more into our business and will make it more profit making.

Documented by: Kamlendra Kumar Singh, Assistant Manager (Bhopal), NABFINS

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