Place: Sajaya Nagar                                                    District: Bangalore                                         State: Karnataka

Capturing the high demand for bakery items in Bangalore, Sajaya Nagar, Ms. Nirmalo has started a small bakery by taking credit from an MFI. Unable to cope with the usurious rotes and hidden charges Nirmala guided by her neighbour approached RUHFW NGO who forms and nurtures SHGs. Nirmala is now a part of Vijaya Durga Women SHG which has availed a loan from NABFINS.

How it benefited:

Nirmala through the credit availed has repaid her MFI loan and invested the rest in the business. She is a preferred baker supplying fresh baked breads, puffs, cakes and many more delicious items to her customers and a happy client of NABFINS.

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